Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hello World

Hi, I am Gary Lord, author of a new book, Beyond Dystopia, which is now available on Kindle here or as an .epub here. You can follow me on twitter here: @garymlord.

I am a professional writer with over 30 years experience, including technical writing, copywriting and freelance journalism. I am married with three kids and currently live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I look forward to using this site and my Twitter account to communicate with readers and other authors, to get feedback on my books, and share news about upcoming publications.

If you've enjoyed reading Beyond Dystopia, please tell you friends and leave some positive feedback at the site where you bought it!

Also, stay tuned for the next Vanguard Adventure, in which our team heads off to find the Archives on a new continent and finds a world nothing like Dystopia. In fact, these two future civilizations could not be more different! I'll say no more for now!

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